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Old Mill Hill Society

The Old Mill Hill Society is a community-driven organization dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of the Mill Hill Historic District in Trenton, New Jersey. The society’s committees are composed of dedicated volunteers who oversee various initiatives to maintain the neighborhood’s historical integrity and community engagement. There are several sub-committees, each focusing on different aspects of neighborhood improvement and event planning. These include:​

Kids Committee

Since 1996, the Kids Committee has fostered connections between children and adults within the Mill Hill neighborhood by providing a range of social, educational, and recreational activities. Our overarching aim is to cultivate a nurturing and inclusive environment where children feel welcomed and supported.

BYOBB Committee

BYOBB…”Bring Your Own Bowl and Beverage” was created in 2020 as a neighborhood event each Sunday in October to gather and socialize outside in front of the host house to enjoy chili and possibly a last opportunity to socialize outside before the weather turns unfriendly. Attendees bring their own eating utensils and a beverage to enjoy a vegan chili and at least another type of chili cooked up by the host. Year one he gathered two Sundays, year two were 4 Sunday events and last year we booked all five Sundays. Looking forward for another full 4 event chili schedule.

Tree Committee

The Tree Planting Committee of Mill Hill is dedicated to enhancing the community's environment by planting additional trees for three main reasons: to enhance beauty and property values, to replace aging trees, and to combat climate change by reducing the carbon footprint. Through strategic planting and proactive measures, the committee aims to create a greener, more vibrant neighborhood for present and future generations.

Garden & Grounds Committee

The Gardens and Grounds Committee is committed to advancing the mission of the Old Mill Hill Society by overseeing the care and enhancement of gardens and green spaces. Our objective is to ensure that these areas remain safe, well-maintained, and aesthetically pleasing within the constraints of available resources. We achieve this by engaging in hands-on maintenance, coordinating volunteer initiatives for targeted projects, managing our allocated budget effectively, and soliciting donations from residents for specific needs. Additionally, we collaborate with the Department of Public Works and the Department of Recreation, Natural Resources, and Culture to schedule necessary maintenance and repairs falling under their jurisdiction. Together, we strive to preserve and improve the beauty of our community's outdoor spaces for the enjoyment of all.

Garden Tour Committee

The Garden Tour Committee plays a crucial role in bringing together the Mill Hill House and Garden Tour each year! Organizing such an event involves quite a bit of coordination and planning. From reaching out to neighbors to host their gardens to handling marketing efforts and managing ticket sales on the day of the tour, there are many moving parts to ensure its success.

Holiday House Tour Committee

The Holiday House Tour Committee is instrumental in orchestrating the annual Mill Hill Holiday House Tour. This event requires careful coordination and planning, including tasks such as soliciting neighbors to showcase their homes, executing marketing strategies, and overseeing ticket sales during the tour. With multiple responsibilities, the committee works tirelessly to guarantee the tour's success.

Grants Committee

The grants committee carefully assesses applications to determine how the grant will contribute to the success of the project at hand. They consider how the funding will be utilized and its potential impact on advancing the project's goals. Additionally, they evaluate the extent to which the proposed project aligns with the historic preservation mission of the OMHS Grants program. This involves examining how the project will contribute to the preservation or restoration of historic properties and landmarks within the community. Furthermore, the committee considers the broader implications of the project on the Mill Hill neighborhood, assessing its potential to enhance the area's cultural heritage, aesthetic appeal, and overall quality of life for residents.

Parking Committee

The parking committee gathers neighborhood parking concerns, incorporating suggested improvements, and engages in discussions with the City's Division of Traffic and Transportation on behalf of the community.

Key Initiatives:

The society actively works to preserve the historical character of Mill Hill through education and advocacy.

Community Building

Regular meetings and events are held to strengthen community ties and promote local businesses.

Holiday House Tour Committee

The committee leads efforts to beautify the neighborhood, enhancing its appeal and resident quality of life.

Impact: The committee’s work has significantly contributed to the Mill Hill Historic District’s reputation as a vibrant and cohesive community. Their efforts have not only preserved the area’s historical charm but also fostered a strong sense of pride among its residents.

The Old Mill Hill Society’s committees are a testament to the power of community involvement in urban preservation. Through their dedicated efforts, Mill Hill remains a treasured historic district that continues to thrive and inspire other communities.

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