Kids Commitee

Lisa Kasabach, Chair email ( phone: (609) 394-8018

Since 1996, the Kids Committee has been building relationships between children and adults in the Mill Hill neighborhood through social, educational and recreational opportunities. In general, the Committee works to create a welcoming and supportive environment for children.

The Committee meets monthly at various times and venues, and meetings are posted on this website. Activities include:

  • Flower Planting – A hands-on spring workshop for children to plant flowers in a pot for their front steps.
  • Garden Tour -Children on the tour are welcomed with a hands-on gardening activity.
  • House Tour “Children’s” House – The committee coordinates a Children’s House filled with fun, seasonal, hands-on activities and refreshments to welcome children who are on the tour with adults.
  • New Neighbor Party – Activities are provided for children to meet each other and their new neighborhood.
  • Pet Show – Neighbors bring their furry friends (or stuffed animals) for a lively competition of fetching, sitting and more!
  • Playgrounds – We get out there and enjoy our two great playgrounds: Clay Street and the Tot Lot. We make sure they are open on a regular basis and communicate maintenance and other concerns to the city through the OMHS. Clay Street has playground equipment, a basketball court and a Community Center.
  • Bike Night – A night for children to bring their bicycles for a free spring tune up.
  • Spring Egg Hunt -A fun annual event in Mill Hill Park with treats donated and hidden by neighborhood “bunnies”, followed by wonderful refreshments and social.
  • Sunshine – The committee welcomes new little neighbors and their parents with a surprise Trenton gift delivered to their home.