Before the rapid suburbanization of New Jersey (and the rest of the country, too), Trenton was a major center for shopping and commercial enterprises.   Trenton is no longer the haven for major department stores and high-end shopping it once was, but there remains an interesting set of goods and services the savvy consumer can buy within the city for great prices.  

The Trenton Farmers Market draws crowds from the entire area, offering fresh fruits and vegetables grown and sold by each proprietor, delicious imported cheese and meat products, fresh bread and flowers, and many other food products and wares.   The Farmers Market is open 7 days a week and serves as a popular weekend shopping excursion. Halo Farm is the "largest" micro-dairy in the country and sells both milk and ice cream to hungry shoppers. Located next door to the Farmers Market, Halo Farm is a great place to grab some quick groceries for the week. 

Another great place for quality food products in the city can be found at P & G Trading Company, the seafood suppliers for most of Trenton's restaurants.  Carrying a large inventory of both fresh and frozen seafood products including caviar, salmon, lobster tails, scallops and shrimp, P & G is a great alternative to supermarket fish counters.

For residents whose appetite isn't squarely on their minds, Trenton also offers some interesting shopping experiences for other items. Classics Books, located just blocks from Mill Hill, is quickly becoming a hotbed of activity for the bibliophiles of greater Trenton.   Hosting Scrabble tournaments, poetry nights and book recycling programs, not to mention new and used book sales, Classics Books is a great place to pop in and snoop around. Artifacts Gallery is another great place to browse.  Owned by two Mill Hill residents, the 20-year collection of Trenton memorabilia and ceramics is remarkable and worth spending some time digging through. Artifacts Gallery also offers custom framing.  
Classic Book Store