Cafe Ole


Trenton has a vibrant restaurant scene.  The diversity among restaurants is one of the best aspects Trenton dining.  On any night of the week, hungry residents can find excellent dining options on a number of different cuisines including Italian, Ecuadorian, Polish, Indian, Chinese, Mexican, Guatemalan, Spanish, Turkish, and American. Trenton’s famous Chambersburg neighborhood is home to many family-owned and operated restaurants, some of which have been passed down through the generations.  Some of these restaurants draw diners from all over New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  Trenton is famous for its tomato pies, thin olive-oil-drizzled, tomato-rich pizzas.  Trenton boasts the second oldest pizzeria in the country (Papa’s Pizza), an old hang-out of Joe DiMaggio’s (Rossi’s Tavern), a nationally-recognized tomato pie legend (DeLorenzo’s Tomato Pies) and many Zagat-rated dining choices (including Amici Milano, Malaga, and Marsilio’s, among many others. 


Any discussion of eating is a highly subjective enterprise, and we encourage you to peruse the many options Trenton offers before settling on favorite.  Our friends at Hidden Trenton can enlighten us on their favorite food choices in the city.  At their website, you can get their take on the best eats in town and information about out-of-the-ordinary dining experiences that are sure to please. 

Within walking distance of Mill Hill, favorites include The Mill Hill Saloon (a neighborhood standard), Settimo Cielo (delicious northern Italian food), Pete Lorenzo’s Steak House (the best steak and lobster around!), Café Ole (fantastic coffee and great breakfast and lunch fare), and the Fabulous Restaurant (for an inexpensive, delicious breakfast).