"Working" in Mill Hill

Located in central New Jersey, Mill Hill residents can choose from one of the largest and most diverse job markets in the world. Virtually all of the economic centers of New Jersey, much of greater New York City, and virtually all of greater Philadelphia are within feasible commuting distance. Add to the fact that Mercer County has a booming economy of its own, and that Trenton provides varied employment opportunities (principally from the State, County, and City governments), you'll find that Mill Hill is a great place from which to pursue a career.

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Diverse People, Diverse Skills

Mill Hill attracts a broad cross section of professionals, representing an incredible skill base which supports the community. Living in the neighborhood are:

  • Lawyers
  • Architects and planners
  • Teachers (all levels, K-Graduate School)
  • Fine artists (painters, sculptors)
  • Graphic artists
  • Theatre artists (actors, directors, designers)
  • Accountants
  • Policy makers
  • Historians
  • Scientists
  • Engineers
  • Software developers
  • Real estate developers
  • Shop owners
  • Builders
  • Investors

...and many, many more.

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Working Locally , Working at Home

With all of the emphasis on commuting, many Mill Hill residents either work close to home, or telecommute. Mill Hill is well served with web infrastructure. Verizon currently offers DSL, and Comcast offers digital cable broadband services. Verizon is planning on offering it's ultra high speed Fios Service in the near future.

Many Mill Hill residents reduce their commuting time by working at home one or more days per week.

If your career is in government, or dealing with government, there are few better places to be than Mill Hill. State, county, and city offices are all within walking distance.

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Dual Commuters

10% of Mercer County residents work out-of-state, and 23% commute outside of the county. A special attraction of Mill Hill is the ease with which couples can commute in separate directions (say one to Philly, and the other to NYC or Northern NJ), preserving both their relationships and their careers. The fact that no one needs to drive to get to the rail station is a significant benefit. >>See Transportation.