For a small city, and an even smaller neighborhood, there's always something going on in Mill Hill and Trenton. Click on the photos or links below to find out more.

House Tour

Holiday House Tour

The premiere fundraiser and social event of the season, the house tour opens the doors of 20-30 Mill Hill homes to the public in early December.

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Garden Tour

Garden Tour

Many residents of Mill Hill take pleasure in gardening, and the OMHS Garden Tour allows them to show them off to the public. Usually in late May or Early June.

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Other OMHS events

Other Neighborhood Events

Every year since 2004, Mill Hill has put on a fall party for the kids of the City of Trenton.

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Patriot's Week

Patriot's Week

For a week between Christmas and New Years, Trenton bustles with historic tours commorating the events of 1776-77.

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Capital Rainbowfest

The leading Pride event in NJ comes to Mill Hill every September.

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Other events


Other Events

Many other events take place on a regular basis in downtown Trenton. Find out about them here.